Born in Athens.
1956-1961 He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts with professor Giannis Moralis having a scholarship in all years of study. He graduated with many honors.
1962-1964 After graduating from the painting studio, he studied Scenography, Decoration and Advertising on the Athens School of Fine Arts laboratories, near Vassilis Vassiliadis, also with honors.
1964-1965 He studied Byzantine and Folk Art in Greece with scholarship.

He organized twenty-nine solo exhibitions in Greece. He participated in many important group exhibitions in Greece and abroad as well as in numerous international Biennale.

His works are in the National Gallery of Greece, in the collections of the Ministry of Education and Culture,  at the Museums Pieridis and Vorres, at the collections of Antoniou, Vergou, Ioannidis, Kagelaris, etc. and also at collections of Banks such as: National, ALPHA, Emporikis, Ionikis, Postbank and at other private collections in Greece and abroad.
He lives and works in Greece.


2000  Gallery AMIMONI, "Aenao Landscape", Ioannina
          Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa, "Landscape- Roots"

          Museum G.I.Katsigra, "Landscape- Roots" Larisa
          Zakynthos MARIA PLATANIA Gallery, Zakynthos
1997  AMARGI Gallery,K.E.T. "Photographic Realism ', Athens
          ART DECO Gallery, Serres
          MARIA PLATANIA Gallery, "Access at Zoumpoulakis

           Dream 97" Zakynthos
1995  CHRYSOTHEMIS Gallery, Theatrical Models, Athens
          DIMITO Gallery, I Renaissance Festival, Rethymnon
          ARTFORUM Gallery, «Aenao Landscape", Thessaloniki
1994  Citibank Hall, New York, USA
1992  Restaurant Agora Modiano, (organizer: ARTFORUM

          Gallery), Thessaloniki
1991  AGATHI Gallery, Athens
1990  NEΕS MORFES Gallery, "Aenao Landscape", Athens
          ARTFORUM Gallery, «Aenao Landscape", Thessaloniki
1986  NEΕS MORFES Gallery, "Petros Zoumpoulakis", Athens
1985  ZALOKOSTA 7 Gallery, work for the Theatre, Athens
1979  ARMOS Gallery, Thessaloniki
1978  ARGO Gallery, "Variations of Everyday Life", Athens
1977  ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, "Scenes from Athens' Calendar

         AGET- HERCULES - Olympus, Athens, B’ Artistic Festival

         Crete, Rethymnon
1975  IOLA Gallery - ZOUMBOULAKI "Petros Zoumpoulakis",

1970  ASTOR Gallery, "Petros Zoumpoulakis", Athens