1938  Born and raised in Berlin.
1960-1961  She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin
1961-1962  Studied at the Observership at Paris
1962-1967  Academy of Fine Arts in Munich near to Professor Jean Deyrolle.
She lives in Munich and Milos.
1967-1990  Worked as an artistic teacher in a high school in Munich.
1993  Expands her artistic activities in Milos, where she resides at intervals.


1984  Cultural Center Silo Munich
1986  Theater Rechts Der Isar, Munich
1988  Galerie X, Munich
1992  Seidl Villa, Munich
1994  Gallery LIDA, Milos
1995  German Embassy, Αthens
1996  Seidl Villa, Munich
1997  Educational Association, Milos
1997  Atelier im Keller, Munich

Publications: Fin du Monde, Agnès Rosentiehl, edition Autremont 1999, Galatia Sarantis, Flieder, Publications Romiosyni 2001, Two Cultures Encounter Art, Greek-Japanese Chamber of Commerce 2003.

She has held 18 solo exhibitions and has taken part in many group exhibitions.

Many of her works are in the Kritische Akademie Inzell, Bayern Galerie Brouversgracht 2,3,8, Amsterdam.