One objective of Lisa Pappon’s art over the course of many years has been her search for a universal symbol. She has travelled to many contrasting and remote places on all the world’s continents, seeking an icon that unites all peoples regardless of their origins. One symbol that spans the globe and has recurred in the most diverse human cultures for centuries and millennia is the apple.

Legends, tales and myths from all over the world assign cultural significance and symbolism to the apple, attesting to the fascination it holds for all humankind.

The apple has stood for temptation, love, happi
ness, beauty, perfection, power, health, eternal youth, magic and much more, not to mention that one of the world’s most iconic cities is nicknamed the Big Apple.

Lisa Pappon was so impressed by this phenomenon that it inspired a new era in her work. She began to create amazing, oversized sculptures in the shape of apples, with expressive outer surfaces made of gold or other metals, paint or varnish. Artistic and sculptural interpretations such as hers evoke the apple’s power as a contemporary symbol and one that can connect people across cultural and religious boundaries.

The sculptures are not only an adornment for rooms indoors; special high-temperature firing techniques and sealing mean these ceramic works of art can be placed in surroundings such as gardens, terraces and other outdoor landscapes, creating a bridge between heaven and earth as the sun glitters on their sleek, glazed surfaces.

In each of these creations there is a sense of history. Each stage of execution is a challenge and each finished sculpture is evocative in its exquisite consummation. Each one is created with love and devotion, handmade with attention to detail and individually signed.

Lisa Pappon lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.