Born in Zakynthos in 1937.
Since 1958, when he first went to Athens, he started liberal studies in painting at various workshops of free studies and especially in the workshop of the artist Theodoros Drosos, for three years.

He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts (EETE).
Some of his works are in the collection of the department of Philosophie and Archaeology in the University of Athens, in the collection of Giorgos Kostopoulos, as well as in several European countries.

Since 2002 he lives and works in his hometown Zakynthos, where he has been inspired and created his latest work with metal constructions.

There, he has also established the Centre of Cultural Events CRYPTI since 2001, and he has curated the exhibition at the Museum of Zakynthos “Modern Greek Painting and Sculpture" in which he has participated with his work.

1976  ASTOR Gallery, Athens
1977  ASTOR Gallery, Athens
1978  Cultural Centre Zakynthos (Zakynthos Municipalities

1980  Cultural Centre Kostis Palamas, Piraeus
1980  ASTOR Gallery, Athens
1982  Cultural Centre Kostis Palamas, Piraeus
1983  Cultural Centre Kostis Palamas, Piraeus
1985  Festival Journal “Avgi”, Athens
1986  Festival Journal “Avgi”, Athens
1987  DADA Gallery, Athens
1987  DADA Gallery, Athens
1988  Cultural Centre Nafplio, Nafplion
1989  BECHRAKI Gallery, Korynthos
1989  DADA Gallery, Athens
1991  VILLA Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany (Nuremberg City

1991  AENAON Gallery, Athens
1993  DESMOS Gallery, Athens
1993  PINELIA Gallery, Heraklion Crete
1994  GANGLOFF Gallery Mulhouse, France
1994  Gallery du DOME, Paris, France
1995  Gallery du MONTPARNASSE, Paris, France
1996  Museum of Dionysios Solomos and Epifanon Zakynthinon,

1996  AMARGI Gallery, Athens
2003  Cultural Events Center Crypti, Zakynthos
2005  Museum of Zakynthos
2007  ART ET MISS Gallery, Paris, France
2007  Cultural Events Center CRYPTI, Zakynthos
2009  House of Stavraka, Patmos in the Festival of Sacred