Born in Skydra, Pella in 1950.

1971 – 1975 She spent 5 years in Copenhagen where she took drawing lessons.

She worked in the workshop of the painter Max Landberg.
In 1971 in Denmark, she participated in the annual album of “Peber Roden”.

In 1985 it is published a calendar issued by her works (National Association of the Protection of Disabled persons).

In 1998 the "Doctors of the World” and in 2000 the “Children's Village SOS” in Thessaloniki, published cards with her works.

She has made 3 solo exhibitions in Denmark and 11 in Greece.

She has participated in many group exhibitions and in 2006 she participated at the International Exhibition in Dubai.

Her works are in several collections in Greece, Denmark, Germany, France and New York.

She is a member of EETE.
She lives and works in Athens.