Born in Preveza in 1967.
1986-1991  She studied painting at the School of Fine Arts of Athens. She graduated with honors.
1992-1995  Postgraduate studies in painting at  École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux- Arts in Paris with scholarship and professor Vladimir Velicovic.
1999-2007  Second diploma in printmaking at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. She graduated with honors.
2003-2005  Postgraduate studies at the Department: DIGITAL ART FORMS in Fine Arts Athens. She graduated with honors.
She has received many awards and scholarships.

She has held 10 solo exhibitions and has taken part in 20 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Her works are in public and private collections, in Athens National Gallery, in Gallery Pieridis, at the Collection Frissira and G. Kostopoulou.

Her works have been published in the newspapers "Vima", "Kathimerini", "Eleftherotypia", magazine "ANTI".


1986-1990  Scholarship from IKY (State Scholarship

1992-1994  1st scholarship for graduate study in painting

          abroad, France

1994  TREMPLIN, Niort, France
2001  Bosch Competition
2002  Competition “Seeking the 2004 Olympic idea” Market

          project Municipal Gallery of Athens

October-November  2003 6ème Triennale Mondiale

         d 'Estampes

         Petit Format 2003, Chameliere, France


1995  ASTROLAVOS Art Gallery, Athens (catalog)
1999  AGATHI Art Gallery, Athens (catalog)
2001  BOSCH Art Gallery, Athens (catalog)
2001  AGATHI Art Gallery, Athens (catalog)
2002  PARATHRHTHS Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (catalog)
2003  Center for Contemporary Art DIATOPOS, Nicosia, Cyprus

2005  Gallery 7, Athens (catalog)
2007  Center for Contemporary Art DIATOPOS, Nicosia, Cyprus

2008  Gallery 7, Athens (catalog)
2011  Gallery 7, Athens (catalog)


1992  MARIA PAPADOPOULOU Gallery, Athens
1993  Fondation international C.I.U.P.
1994  TREMPLIN, Niort France (catalog)
1994  “Peintres et sculpteurs Grecs contemporains en France”,

           Maison de l'Europe Paris
2001  1st Triennial Greek Engraving, PIERIDES, Glyfada
2001  “Art Athina”, EPOCHES Gallery (catalog)
2002  “Searching for the 2004 Olympic idea”, MUNICIPAL

           GALLERY, Athens
2002  1st Interbalkan Exhibition of Contemporary Miniature art

          National Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalοniki
2003  6ème Triennale Mondiale d' Estampes Petit Format

          2003, Chameliere, France

2005  Collection G. Kostopoulos ART GALLERY

          Alexandroupolis (catalog)

2005  PROJECTS K'e-day, Potential images three-day tech and

          reality Dialogue on New Technology, School of Athens,

          Department of French Language and Literature
2005  Collection G.Kostopoulos “Contemporary Greek Painting

          and Sculpture” (catalog)
2007  Festivalmiden Kalamata
2010  “Man and Machine” Elaiourgion, Chania, Crete
2010  Collections of the National Gallery of Athens,

          Metaxourgeio, Athens