Born in Thessaloniki in 1960.
From the age of 17 he has worked as a painter.
He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Thessaloniki and Film Directing at the School Chatzikou in Athens.
He did post-graduate studies in Philosophy of Art (DEA) in Paris, at the University
Paris - I Sorbonne, studying the relations between cinema and painting.

He is the creator of many experimental, artistic films and videos, multimedia applications and installations presented at various galleries and festivals.

He has held 13 solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 40 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


2011  METAMORPHOSIS  Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
2011  Foundation of Aggelos and Lito  Katakouzinou, Athens
2011  THEOREMA Gallery, Brussels
2009  METAMORPHOSIS  Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
2009  THEOREMA Gallery, Brussels
2008  ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, Athens
2008  THEOREMA Gallery, Brussels
2007  MARINA Gallery, Kea
2007  CRYSTAL GLASS, Chania
2005  OIONOS Art Gallery, Karditsa
2005  ART SHAKER Gallery, Paris
2005  METAMORPHOSIS  Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
2004  ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, Athens
2003  CRYSTAL GLASS, Chania
2001  METAMORPHOSIS Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
2000  ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, Athens
2000  BENETATOS, P. Psychiko
1981  CLUB ARTS AND LETTERS, Thessaloniki


2008  Aegina of painters, Aegina and Athens
2008  Shaping D.Solomos, Athens and Venice Messolonghi
2008  An internal topography, Thessaloniki
2008  Une trilogie mediterranéenne d 'art contemporaine,

2008  Parcours d'artistes, Brussels
2007  ArtMart Kunstlerhaus, Vienna
2006  Art Contemporaine Paris Cairo, Athens
2000  “Messolonghi through art”  MOSCHANDREOU Gallery,

2006  Greek Art, Nafpaktos
2005, 2006, 2007 En Plo, ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery- Athens
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. Small

          Paintings, Gallery ZOUMBOULAKIS - Athens
2004  Art Shaker Gallery, Paris
2004  PORT AUTONOME Gallery, Paris
2004  Art Paris
2004  Cheap Art
2004  Greek Art, Cultural Center Archipelago, Skiathos
2004  Summer landscapes, Hydra
2004  Summer landscapes, ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, Athens
2004  Tonight-Tonight, ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, Athens
2003  Bureaucracy, ΥΠΕΣ, Athens
2003  En Plo, Hydra
2003  En Plo, ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, Athens
2003  The Landscape of Northern Greece, METAMORPHOSIS

          Art Gallery,Thessaloniki
2003  Five Painters ask for an Author, ZOUMBOULAKIS

          Gallery, Athens
2003  200 +1, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art,

2002  Contemporary Greek Art, Cultural Center Archipelago,

2002  Zoo, ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, Athens
2001  Terrace with View, ZOUMBOULAKIS Gallery, Athens
2001  Art Athina
2000  The Machine, Cheap Art
2000  Laughter, ΙΟS Gallery, Athens
2000  Cheap Art 1997, 1998, 1999
1999  The project will buy the Metro, Cheap Art, Athens
1999  Open Art, Municipal Gallery of Athens
1998  Spring  Four artists, Cheap Art, Athens
1998  Zoo, Cheap Art, Athens


1986  Dubai - File Film Festival Official participation


1985  Everything that happens in Countryside, Official

          participation Festival
          Thessaloniki Film, European Film Festival
          Arts-Munich 1985, Biennale of young artists  

          Mediterranean - Thessaloniki.
1982  Livia, Montecatini Film Festival Florence.