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Born in Athens in 1966.
He took his first lessons in painting from Spyros Koursaris.
1985 - 1990 Ηe studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts in Athens, painting with Dimitris Mytaras and engraving with Thanasis Exarchopoulos.
His works are in private collections.
He has held 10 solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions.
He lives and works in Athens.


1992  CHRYSOTHEMIS Gallery, Chalandri Athens
1996  EKFRASI Gallery, Athens
1999  EKFRASI Gallery, Athens
2001  EKFRASI Gallery, Athens
2002  EKFRASI Gallery, Athens
2004  ATRION Gallery, Thessaloniki
2005  EKFRASI Gallery, Athens
2006  ATRION Gallery, Thessaloniki
2009  ATRION Gallery, Thessaloniki


1990  Exhibition A’ painting workshop ASFA Cultural Center of

          the University of Athens
1990  Continental '90, Ioannina
1990  Exhibition of Fine Arts alumni '89-'90 - NATIONAL

          GALLERY, Athens
1992  “An exhibition of paintings for a theater”- IONI Gallery,

1992  International Center for Visual Arts perpetual, Athens
1994  “ART ATHINA 2” Contemporary Art, Athens
1994  “Behold the city moves”- Cultural Center of Chalandri
1995  “ART ATHINA 3”- Contemporary Art, Athens
1996  “Lithography as a medium of artistic expression” About

          Art-Gallery, Athens
1997  ELATOS CLUB- Eptalofos Parnassus
1999  “22 New Artists of Chalandri” Gallery- ARTIBUS,

2000  “2000 Cans”-Lithograph of Piraeus Street, Athens
2001  “Pteroenta”, Gallery ATRION, Thessaloniki
2003  “For Spring”, Gallery ATRION, Thessaloniki
2004  “Benedictions” EKFRASI-Gianna-Grammatopoulou,

2005  “Mask Praise” About Art-Gallery, Athens