1960  Born in Cythera (Greece).
1978  He studied in Paris, in the École Nationale Supérieure des

          Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts, Etching, Lithography) and in the

          École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Visual

          Communication). Diploma in Etching (Grade Excellent).
          Diploma in Painting (Grade Excellent).
1982  Post-graduate degree at the École Nationale Supérieure

          des Arts Décoratifs on Visual Communication.

1984  He was awarded the Prix des Fondations, École Nationale

          Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris (lithography) and the

          French State acquired certain of his works.
1991  He traveled to the US where Absolut Vodka used his

          painting for its advertising campaign.

1993  He designed with the artist M. Zacharioudakis, a number of

          games and brochures for the exhibition “The Child in

          Modern Greek Art” of the National Gallery in Athens.

1994  He represented Greece in the International Art Festival in

          Cagne sur Mer (France).
1996  Several of his drawings were shown in the Lumière ʼ96

          Exhibition in Paris and in Ambiente ʼ96 in Frankfurt.

          He designed the Campaign of the Greek National Book


1998  He was awarded by the Athens Academy First Prize for

          Artists under 40 years of age.
1999  He was exhibited at Princeton University with his drawings

          for the book “Odes” of the Greek poet Kalvos.
2000-2001  He worked as invited Artist at Princeton University,



1984  “Biennale de l’Estampe” in Mulhouse France, representing

1985  “Vitrina della Biennale” in Turin, Italy, representing Greece
1986  “Second Biennale for Young Artists of the Mediterranean

           Countries”, in Thessaloniki, Greece
1987  “Third Biennale for Young Artists of the Mediterranean

           Countries” in Barcelona, Spain. In cooperation with artists

           M. Zacharioudakis and N. Alexiou. “Dedication to Beatrice

           Spiliadis”, National Gallery, Athens
1988   Exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Athens organized by

           K.Stavropoulos,“Five Greek Artists”, European

           Community, Brussels, Belgium

1989  “Five Greek Artists”, Strasbourg, France
1990  “Metehmio”, exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Athens

           organized by M. Stefanidis
1991   Young Greek Graphists, the House of Cyprus, Athens,

           organized by the Artistic Foundation A.Tassos
1992   International Competition of the Mοnte Carlo (Monaco) Art

           Museum Spiral I, Twelve Greek Creators, Circule de

           Bellas Artes, Madrid, Organized by Sania Pappa

1993  “To Thendro”, Pinacotheque Averof, Metsovo, organized

            by J.Kolokotronis

1994  “Το Thendro”, Municipal Gallery of Nicosia, Cyprus/The

           Pierides Foundation,  Glyfada, “Du bleu…”, Galerie Fr.

           BORDAS, Paris, “Milegmata of Time”.
           Organized by Sania Pappa, SAGA(FIAC Edition), Galerie

           Fr.BORDAS, Paris

           Art Athina 2, Galerie 3, Athens
1995  “Ihthis”, Pinacotheque Averof, Metsovo. Organized by

           Gallery of Nicosia, Cyprus/The Pierides Foundation

1995   Art Athina 3, NEES MORFES Gallery, Athens, New York

           Art Fair, New York

          “Katzourakis-Paniaras-Samios-Charos”, Pinacotheque

           Averof, Metsovo,
          “The Absolut Collection”, Paris
1996  “Hommage à P.Pantazis”, Pinacothèque Averof, Metsovo.

           Workshop of the École des Beaux Arts, Paris, organized

           by D. Rogan, ASTROLAVOS Gallery, Athens, SAGA (FIAC

           Edition), Galerie Fr.BORDAS, Paris.

           Paquebot Editions, NEES MORFES Gallery, Athens in

           collaboration with Galerie Fr.BORDAS, Paris “Rip Arte

           ‘96”, Rome

1997  “Physiognomy of an Industrial Site”. Curators Flavia Nessi-

           Iris Kritikou, Athens. Salon Montrouge Paris.
1998  “The Absolut Colllection”, London, “Original Replica”,

           NEES MORFES Gallery.
           Organized by Eleni Kipreos “Contemporary Greek Artists”,

           Curator N.Kyriakides. Tower Vianden, Luxembourg/  

           Museum Falun Sweden
2005   ABOLUTEAMERIKANA gallery St Augustine Florida


1981-1983-1984  POLYPLANO Gallery Athens
1983-1985-1987  Gallery 3 Athens
1988  LA LITHOGRAPHIE Gallery, Paris
1989  SAGA (FIAC Edition), Gallery LA LITHOGRAPHIE, Paris
1990  Paintings and Graphic works, ASTROLAVOS Gallery,


          Paintings, Gallery FRANCE T. Paris SAGA (FIAC Edition),

          Gallery FRANCE T., Paris
1991  SKOYFA 4 Gallery, Athens 1992 Gallery FRACE T., Paris
1993  Old Archeological Museum, Thessaloniki, Catalogue by

          Sania Pappa
1994  NEES MORFES Gallery, Athens. EPIKENTRO Gallery,

1995  LOLA NIKOLAOU Gallery, Thessaloniki
1997  NEES MORFES Gallery, Athens, LOLA NIKOLAOU Gallery,

          Wigmore Fine Arts, London
1997  Andreas Kalvos “Odes”, Gallery 3, Athens
1999  LOLA NIKOLAOU Gallery, Thessaloniki (with catalogue)
2001  NEES MORFES Gallery, Athens, 2005 LOLA NIKOLAOU

          Gallery, Thessaloniki (with catalogue)
2004  ABSOLUTEAMERIKANA Gallery, Florida, U.S.A.
2005  Kremidas Residence, Kefalonia
2005  LOLA NIKOLAOU Gallery, Thessaloniki (with catalogue)
2007  NEES MORFES Gallery, Athens
2008  TSICHRITZIS Foundation (catalogue, Eleni Athanasiou)


1988 “Four Erotic Poems by Kavafis”. Etchings 130 copies.

          Mimnermos Editions, Athens
1989 “An Orpheus of our Times” by V.Vassilikos. Lithographs in

          120 copies. La Lithographie Editions Paris
1990 “For only six days a year”, Lithographs in 120 copies.

          Polyplano Editions, Athens
1994 “The Bell Tower” (H.Melvile), Kedros Editions, Athens
1995 “The Cat Di Balanza”, Arga Editions, Athens
1996 “Alphavita”, Lithographs in 100 copies Fr.Bordas-Nees

          Morfes, Editions, Paris
1997  Andreas Kalvos “Odes”, Okeanida Editions.Tirage de tête

          in 100 numbered copies, in addition to the regular edition

2004  Jannis Ritsos, “Sonata tou Selinofotos”, (lithographies) in

          80 copies Athens