Born in Athens.
In 1981 she graduated from the school of Economics of the Athens University.
In 1991 she graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts with Professors
D. Mytaras (painting workshop) and T. Exarchopoulos (etching workshop).
1992-1994 She completed her postgraduate studies in École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris with Professor Vl. Velickovic.
Maria Anastasiou’ s works can be found in the National Gallery of Athens as well as at private museums and collections in Greece and abroad.


1986  AETOPOULIO Center of Arts, Chalandri, Athens
1991  Arts and Cultural Center, ORA, Athens
1996  CREONIDIS Gallery, Athens
1998  CHRYSOTHEMIS Gallery, Chalandri, Athens
1999  ANNY BALTA Gallery, Thessaloniki
2001  SCORPIOS Gallery, Trikala
2002  STIGMA Gallery, Athens
2003  ATRION Gallery, Thessaloniki
2005  CRYPTI Galllery, Zakynthos
2006  AETOPOULIO Center of Arts, Chalandri, Athens
2008  ASTRA Gallery, Athens
2009  ATRION Gallery, Thessaloniki